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Waterfall Iceland


Land of Fire and Ice

Recently I've become interested in how the well-being of a country is determined. I found that as of 2021, Iceland is ranked highest on the Global Peace Index and fourth highest on the World Happiness Report. I wanted to discover why Iceland continues to be named one of the most peaceful and happy countries in the world. Before departing, I hypothesized that it's nature likely would have a significant impact on these aspects of well-being. During my trip, I found that the stunning landscapes and constant breathtaking views did lead me to feel at peace. In the grand scheme of things, I was such a small element amongst such powerful forces of nature surrounding me. 

My photography from this trip attempts to emphasize the grandeur of every form of nature that I, more or less, stumbled upon while traveling around this country. I wanted to capture a certain sense of solitude that I felt amongst such powerful elements. While I experienced an overcast sky for the majority of my trip, I still found vivid colors and remarkable contrasts anywhere I turned my head and decided to bring those to life.


Check out photos from this trip here. And check out my blog posts from this trip below.

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