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Land of Thousands of Lakes

It's at least somewhat well-known that Finland is considered the happiest country in the world according to the World Happiness Report. On the surface, I was then driven to believe Finland was this perfect country that lacked any struggle⁠—almost like a Utopia. I wanted to see for myself what made Finland known for its happiness and would people truly appear happier than the average person I encounter on a daily basis?

In a way, Finland kind of was a Utopia. Everything seemed so perfect from the outside looking in. But when I began to think more deeply about it, I realized that one major factor was probably the homogenous population demographics of Finland. I stuck out like a sore thumb any time I sat on a bus or train. It became clear to me that when so much of a population looks and thinks the same, it's easier to have less problems. Not to mention, the population is 29 times smaller than that of the US

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