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Hi, my name is Stefanie Chiguluri, and this is my personal blog. I chose the name "Stefanie Really" while deciding on an Instagram username I wanted to keep permanently. I thought why not emphasize that I really liked someone's photo when they received a notification. Now it has come to mean more than that—what you see is the authentic, real, me. This site is my way of sharing my unique artistic perspectives and written experiences from my travels with you. 

About Me

I am an explorer at heart—the world has so much to offer, and my goal is to see and document as much as I can to share with others. I believe the best way to learn is through experience, so I choose to immerse myself in new places and cultures whenever I have the opportunity to so that I can further broaden my global perspective. 


How I see the world and what I learn from it is often through photography. I love capturing the beauty that surrounds us in ways that reflect the awe and magnificence we tend to miss. Bold contrasts and vibrant colors are motifs I use throughout my work to emphasize subtleties that might otherwise get lost. 

Currently, I am a Junior at Washington and Lee University studying journalism. What I love about journalism is that in its simplest form it is a means of sharing newly learned information with anyone who has access to it. Hopefully, through my site you will learn something new from my travels and perhaps be inspired to also take advantage of all our world has to offer.

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